Earn Money

Simply upload the files to filesxx.ru and share your files with friends, family and even strangers! You can be compensated for every download of your files or every time a premium membership is sold to customers you bring in.
Choose the most advantageous for you to rate:

Mixed (Pay Per Sale & Downloads)

Mixed rate plan including payment for downloading of your files and for premium accounts sales
Group for 1000 downloads* % of sale % of rebill
A $ 7 40% 30%
B $ 6 40% 25%
C $ 5 40% 25%
D $ 4 40% 25%
E $ 3 30% 20%
F $ 2 20% 15%
G $ 1 20% 15%

Premium Sale (Pay-Per-Sale, PPS)

Rates for sale of premium accounts (turbo access)
60% of All premium sales
40% of each rebill
from all countries

Countries and groups:
А: Germany, Greece, Russia, USA, Turkey, Denmark, Poland
B: Belgium, Norway, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Japan, Canada, France, Great Britain
C: Bulgaria, Netherlands, Spain, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Finland, Estonia
D: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Israel, Ireland, Italy, UAE, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa
E: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Islandia, Islandia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Moldova, Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Croatia
F: Brazil, Hungary, Vietnam, Hong Kong,Indonesia, Iraq, Kirghizia, Mexico, New Zealand, Serbia, Thailand, Chile
G: Other countries

* downloads will be counted for files greater 10MB

Increased pay to Golden Partners

Exclusive offer! Regular partners who successfully use the Turbobit file sharing service receive bonus of up to 25% of the current earnings.
How to become a Golden Partner

Our Advantages

We pay for downloading files that range from 10 MB to 100,000 MB

We pay for all file downloads that are over 10 MB. We do not impose caps on uploads/downloads of large-size files. However, 100Gb is as high as you can go.

We pay 60%, 70% or even 80% of each sale made from the site

You receive 60% of any confirmed sale on PPS rate and up to 40% on Mixed rate. Plus 10% of sales from your referral website or 10% of sales from your partner file sharing service. Get additional income using solely your website, forum, blog, social network page or even your partner file sharing service. Golden partners can make as much as 85% off each.

We pay 40% of each rebill!

You receive 40% on PPS rate and up to 30% on Mixed, of each subsequent purchase of your buyer (if this purchase wasn't made on the file of another partner). We identify the buyer through the payment details. This means that our rebills work even if user clears the cookie, changes the browser and even if he uses another computer! In all these cases we will pay you % reward.

Earn money without uploading files

Copy and distribute files of other users and receive 90% of revenue. If you upload files yourself, you will receive 10% of revenue from each copied file. Increase your earnings by distributing your files and allowing others copy them.

Best Terms for Traffic from Russia, Ukraine and the CIS Countries

When you work with the Russian traffic for downloads from the highest-paying Group A, you derive max profits together with Turbobit. We pay for almost all the traffic coming from the CIS countries at increased rates (Groups A,B,C).

Stats in Minute Detail

Turbobit provides information about any payment, file, referral, website and even traffic sources for your account. You will know where the users downloading your files come from.

Additional monetization of the Russian Federation and CIS traffic

You can additionally customize the download of your files (for users from Russia and CIS), so that it occurred through a special program - a download manager from Turbobit.net (in this case, the user can freely install sponsor's software on his computer). For each unique installation you will receive a reward. Additional money is available for any rate plan and will be added to your main income.

Rate Change on the Same Account

Switch your Turbobit account to a different rate once a week, if you are more profitable using a different rate. No more need to have 2 accounts or operate more than one file sharing service.

We pay for incomplete downloads

Turbobit takes into account more downloads than any other file sharing service and pays for incomplete downloads. Our partners get paid for unsuccessful and incomplete downloads.

We count downloads in the context of an account

We do not care if user have already downloaded any files you competitors, before he began to download your file. We will count download of your file for you anyway. For each an account, we only count 1 download for each unique IP in 24 hours.

Requisite Toolset for a Web Master

FTP uploading supports recovery of disrupted uploads during lost connections. The capability of creating several FTP accounts on Turbobit is available. Uploading of folders and subfolders with all files available. Optional manual file transfer capability in addition to automated file transfer. Secure remote uploading using the most popular file sharing services or any other source or resource. Please send proposals on additional new remote uploading sources to the support service.

Even More Payouts!

20% of earnings of each partner you brought on board

5% of earnings of each partner brought on board by your partner

Make money using your website by spreading Turbobit links and generating extra income. Or build your own file sharing service using your domain name and design. We will throw in all you need from the technical side (servers, scripts, and billing).

10% of sales from your website, blog, forum, social network page regardless of the file owner

10% of sales from your partner file sharing service regardless of the file owner *

The lowest payout is $10. At Turbobit you get paid three times a week! Three paydays a week through Webmoney or one payday every 15 days if you use PayPal;

Switch between the Download and Sales rates once a week.

Our partners are paid for unsuccessful or incomplete downloads by the users. Your income doesn’t depend on the quality of the Internet channels used by your users, since we do pay for incomplete downloads.

We score unique downloads from all countries and from one IP-address once per 24 hours for files over 0.5 Mb. We pay for incomplete downloads;

The percentage for sales is paid from the total sum of the purchase after deduction of the commission of payment intermediaries, aggregators and operators;

Your uploads must comply with the user agreement provisions available on the website.